COMSYS-2020 :: List of Accepted Papers

List of Accepted Papers for Oral Presentation:-

Serial No Paper ID Title of the Paper
01 5 HOG and LBP based writer verification
02 8 Implementation of Real Time Virtual Dressing Room using Microsoft Kinect SDK and Supervised Learning
03 9 Verification of truth table minimization using Min term Generation Algorithm Weighted Sum Method
04 10 Solution of Cluster Traveling Salesman problem using Heuristic based Genetic Algorithm with Risk Constraint
05 12 Prevention Of The Man-In-The-Middle Attack On Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Algorithm: A Review
06 13 Multiple radar data fusion to improve the accuracy in position measurement based on k-means algorithm
07 15 A Brief Survey of Steganographic methods for ECG Signal
08 16 Polyps Segmentation using Fuzzy Thresholding in HSV Color Space
09 17 Spectral-spatial active learning in hyperspectral image classification using threshold-free attribute profile
10 19 Respiratory diseases recognition through respiratory sound with the help of deep neural network
11 20 Deep Learning based Automated Detection of age-related Macular Degeneration from Retinal Fundus Images
12 21 A Supervised Trajectory Anomaly Detection using Velocity and Path Deviation
13 22 An Artificial Bee Colony inspired density based approach for clustering with new index measure
14 23 An Investigation of Accelerometer Signals in the 0.5-4 Hz Range in Parkinson's Disease and Essential Tremor Patients
15 24 Blind Source Camera Identification of Online Social Network Images Using Adaptive Thresholding Technique
16 25 A Fuzzy Logic Based Site Specific Crop Recommendation System
17 27 Community Detection and Design of Recommendation System Based on Criminal Incidents
18 28 Personalized Word Recommendation System using Sentiment Analysis
19 30 Event-B Based Formal Modeling of a Controller: a Case Study
20 32 Simulation of Action Potential Duration and its Dependence on [K]o and [Na]i in the Luo-Rudy Phase I Model
21 34 Development of a Publicly Available Terahertz Video Dataset and a Software Platform for Experimenting with the Intelligent Terahertz Visual Surveillance
22 38 Simulative performance analysis of all optical universal logic TAND gate using Refractive Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (RSOA)
23 39 Identication of Plant Species using Deep Learning
24 40 A Hybrid approach for Segmenting Grey and White Matter from Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
25 41 SPIM :(Smart Pill Box For Indian Medicine)
26 44 Retinal Vessel Segmentation using Unsharp Masking and Otsu Thresholding
27 45 Automated Classification And Detection Of Malaria Cell Using Computer Vision
28 47 Modular Secured IoT using SHAKTI
29 48 High Payload RDH Through Directional PVO Exploiting Center-Folding Strategy
30 49 A Robust Audio Authentication Scheme Using (7,4) Hamming Error Correcting Code
31 50 A novel approach to 3D face registration for biometric analysis using RCompute_ICP
32 51 Region Growing Based Scheme for Extraction of Text from Scene Images
33 53 An Automated Reflector based Traffic Signal System
34 54 A Novel Sentence Scoring Method for Extractive Text Summarization
35 57 Authentication on Interpolated Sub-Sampled based Image Steganography Exploiting Secret Sharing
36 58 A Novel Approach for Face Recognition Using Modular PCA and MAP – MRF Classifier
37 59 Evolving Secret Sharing with Essential Participants
38 62 Test-bench setup for testing and calibration of a newly developed STS/MUCH-XYTER ASIC for CBM-MUCH detectors
39 63 A “Bright-on-Dark, Dark-on-Bright” Approach to Multi-lingual Scene Text Detection
40 64 Pig Breed Detection using Faster-RCNN
41 66 Black Bengal Goat Identification using Iris Images
42 67 Component level script classification benchmark with CNN on AUTNT dataset
43 69 Identification of Diabetic Retinopathy Abnormalities using Machine Learning Algorithms
44 72 Supervised Change Detection Technique on Remote Sensing Images using F-Distribution and MRF model
45 73 A new method to estimate Fractal Dimension of Color Images
47 75 A New Lossless Secret Image Sharing Scheme for Gray Scale Images with Small Shadow Size
48 76 The estimation of inter-channel phase synchronization of EEG signals in patients with traumatic brain injury before and post the rehabilitation
49 78 Deep Neural Network for Multivariate Time Series Forecasting
51 84 Multi-factor Authentication-based E-Exam Management System(EEMS)
52 85 A Novel High-density Multi-layered Audio Steganography Technique in Hybrid Domain
53 86 A Multi-Layer Content Filtration Approach on Textual Data for Periodic Report Generation in a Post Disaster Scenario
54 87 Categorization of Videos based on text using Multinomial Naive Bayes Classifier
55 88 A New Function Mapping Approach in Defective Nanocrossbar Array using Unique Number Sequence
56 89 Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes using Deep Learning in Bioinformatics
57 90 Tunneling Barrier Modulation in Negative Capacitance-TFET
59 94 An efficient Region of Interest detection and segmentation in MRI images using optimal ANFIS network
60 95 Fault-tolerant Implementation of Quantum-Arithmetic and Logical Unit (Q-ALU) using Clifford+T-group
61 96 Approximation of Fractional-order Integrator in Delta Domain
62 97 Multi Data Driven Validation of e-Document Using Concern Authentic Multi-Signature Combinations
63 99 Design of Ternary Content Addressable Memory using CNTFET
64 100 A Survey Report on Recent Progresses in Nearest Neighbor Realization of Quantum Circuits
65 102 A Novel Fault Detection Scheme for Nearest Neighbor based Reversible Circuits
66 104 Improved multi-scale opening algorithm using fuzzy distance transform based geodesic path propagation
67 105 Voiced based railway station identication using LSTM approach
68 106 3-D IC: An Overview of Technologies, Design Methodology and Test Strategies
69 107 Oh dear! It's just a Tool to Plan the Deployment of a Post-Disaster Network!
70 108 A Reconfigurable Architecture to Implement Linear Transforms of Image Processing Applications!
71 109 Voting in a Watts-Strogatz small world network
72 110 Transfer learning in skin lesion classification
73 111 Knowledge based Expert System for Diagnosis of Agricultural Crops
74 112 Follicle Segmentation using K-means Clustering from Ultrasound Image of Ovary
75 114 Introduction of Fuzzy Logic Controller in a modified Phase Locked Frequency Divider leads to an exceptional noise rejection
76 115 Follicle Segmentation from ovarian USG image using Horizontal Window Filtering and Filled Convex Hull Technique
77 117 A Survey Report on Underwater Acoustic Channel Estimation of MIMO-OFDM System
78 118 An effective hybrid statistical and learning based approach to confined domain of a web document from corpus
79 120 Assessing the Performances of Recursive Rule Ex-traction Algorithms in Medical Diagnosis
80 121 Evolution of E- Sensing Technology
81 122 Extraction of Leaf-Vein Parameters and Classification of Plants using Machine Learning
82 123 Face Recognition using Siamese Network
83 124 Vulnerability of Cloud: Analysis of XML Signature Wrapping Attack and Countermeasures
84 125 Individual Pig Recognition Based on Ear Images
85 126 IoT in Agriculture: Smart Farming using MQTT Protocol through Cost-effective Heterogeneous Sensors
86 127 Contrast Enhancement Algorithm using Definite Integration Mathematical Method Trapezoidal Rule
87 131 High Speed Low Power CML Technique Based Frequency Divider in 180nm Technology
88 132 Self Organising Map based Strategic Placement and Task Assignment for a Multi-agent System
89 133 Classification of Indian Languages through Audio
90 134 Neural Dynamics based Complete Coverage of Grid Environment by Mobile Robots
91 135 Analysis of Large-Scale Human Protein Sequences Using an Efficient Spark Based DBSCAN Algorithm
92 136 Solving Student Project Allocation with Preference through Weights
93 137 Biomolecular Clusters Identification in Linear Time Complexity for Biological Networks

List of Accepted Papers Poster Presentation:-

Serial No Paper ID Title of the Paper
01 4 Implementation of Low density Parity Check system using Probabilistic Gradient descent bit flipping Decoder
02 6 World Cup semifinalist prediction by statistical analysis of team performance
03 7 Random Forest and ARIMA model for Crime Prediction and Analysis
04 11 An android application SafFam to seek help from nearby co-users/police station during emergency
05 14 Detecting Vulnerabilities of Web Application using Penetration Testing
06 26 New Features for Histogram Analysis: A Novel Approach to Jute Species Identification Using BPNN Classifier
07 43 A Comparative Analysis of Existing Lie Detection Techniques
08 52 Survey Paper:Different Important Quantum Cryptographic Protocols
09 55 Stock Market Forecasting Using Time Series Model Mainly ARIMA
10 61 A Depiction of Recent Trends and Developments in Image Steganography
11 70 A technical comparison about the usage of Internet of Things in Home Automation System
12 71 A Novel Approach to Food Recognition and Calorie Prediction using Computer Vision
13 80 Handwritten Numeral Recognition using Topological Signatures
14 81 Log based Cloud Forensics : A Review
15 91 A Survey on various Technologies for Detecting Accidents in Trains
16 98 DLDL: A Novel Deep Learning-based method for Label Distribution Learning
17 103 Prediction of Stellar age with the help of Extra-Trees Regressor in Machine Learning
18 128 Prediction of Stellar age with the help of Extra-Trees Regressor in Machine Learning
19 130 Studies on Data Security Approaches for Trusted Authentication of Digital Documents