COMSYS Student Fellowship

Limited number of travel grants will be offered to the registered student authors, who will be physically presenting the paper at COMSYS-2023 conference at IIT Mandi. The fellowship will reimburse to-and-fro air/train/bus fares from the student's home institute, amounting to a maximum of INR.1000, on submission of the tickets in original and photo copy of student Identify card.

Tentative List of Accepted Papers: "COMSYS-2023"

Paper ID Title of the Paper
11 AI Based Criminal Detection and Tracking system for public safety and security
13 A Multilayer Framework for Data Driven Student Modeling
14 Machine Learning-Based Early Epilepsy Diagnosis with Secure EEG Data Sharing Using Blockchain
19 Replication Challenges and Cache Analysis in Igor Ostrovsky’s Gallery of Processor Cache Effects
20 Enhancing Driver Safety and Experience: Real-Time Facial Expression Detection in Smart Vehicles with Vision Systems
24 An Optimal Edge Server Placement Algorithm based on Glow-Worm Swarm Optimization Technique
25 Application of Different Decision Tree Classifier for Diabetes Prediction: A Machine Learning Approach
26 Binary Sequence based Fault Detection in Linear Antenna Array
27 Exploring Electric Vehicle Adoption Research through Bibliometric Analysis and Visualization
28 A Real-Time Video Surveillance based framework for early plant disease detection using Jetson TX1 and novel LeafNet-104 algorithm
34 Comparative Study For Fraud Detection In Credit Card Transaction Data Using Machine Learning Algorithms
35 Ownership Verification based on Dynamic Concealment of Multiple Copyright Signatures
37 Prediction of S-Palmitoylation sites in the Male/Female Mouse using Protein Language Model
39 Optimizing Solar Power Distribution in Microgrids to Reduce Energy Waste
40 Generation of Straight Line in Hexagonal Cell Grid
44 A 2D Based Synthesis Strategy for Nearest Neighbor Transformation of Quantum Circuits
45 GPA: Uni-directional GRU-based Traffic Prediction Model for Minimizing Air Pollution
47 A 6G-enabled edge-assisted Internet of Drone Things ecosystem for fire detection
50 Surveillance based Theft Detection using C3D
53 A Real-time framework for automatic sarcasm detection using proposed Tensor-DNN Algorithm
54 Hypermotifs in biological networks: TGFβ induced EMT as a case study
55 Potential interaction of vitamins with different signaling pathways to inhibit the growth of T-cell lymphoma
56 Unveiling the art of music generation with LSTM
58 Few shot learning with fine-tuned language model for suicidal text detection
59 Controlled operation in Smart Door Using Face Recognition
60 A Comparative Analysis of Feature Selection Approaches for Sensor-based Human Activity Recognition
61 Unravelling the Network Landscape: A Comparative Analytical Approach to Investigate Protein-Protein Interaction Networks in Normal v/s Tumour Cells
62 An automated secure smart-contract driven KYC solution
63 Gate-Based Fractal Analysis for Assessing Complexity and Persistence of Mangrove Communities in Remote Sensing Applications
64 GuideBP: Guided Backpropagation in multi-output neural networks by channeling gradients through weaker logits
68 Artifact-free Interpolation Algorithm for Image Super-resolution
69 A Study on Users Sentiment from Twitter Data and Stock Market During Russia-Ukraine War
74 Illegitimate Comment Filtration Method For Social Media Applications Using Logistic Regression
76 Enhancing PopSAD: A New Approach to Shilling At-tack Detection in Collaborative Recommenders
82 Radar Remote Sensing Image Retrieval Method using Fusion of Handcrafted and Deep Features
83 Deep Fusion-Net: A U-Net and CGAN-Based Approach for Salient Object Detection
86 Deep Learning Based Ensemble Model for Detection of Myocardial Infarction from ECG data
87 Unsupervised MTS Anomaly Detection with Variational AutoEncoders
89 Medical Dataset Preparation and Privacy Preservation for Improving the healthcare facilities using Federated Learning Approach
94 Modeling the Role of Gap Junctions in An Olfactory Neuropil, The Antennal Lobe
97 Identification of Human Drug Targets for COVID-19 Based on Subcellular Localization Information, Gene Expression Data and Node2vec
101 CMOS linear image sensor based Data Acquisition System for Surface Plasmon Resonance measurement
102 Thermo-Electro-Mechanical Effects of Copper TSV Interconnects on the MOS Characteristics in Stacked 3D Integration
104 Coverless Steganography: A Comprehensive Study on Concealing Data without a Cover Medium
105 IRS-assisted Wireless Systems: Phase Setting and BER Analysis
106 Secured Authentication Scheme for E-Healthcare in SIoT using ECC and Improved Hash function
107 Securing Social Internet of Things: Intrusion Detection Models in Collaborative Edge Computing
108 Anomaly Detection based Resource Autoscaling Mechanism for Fog Computing
110 On Coverage and Connectivity with Reduced Sensing Redundancy based on Genetic Algorithm
128 Trust Management Model for Service Delegation in SIoT
136 A Survey on Wireless Sensor Network Routing Performance Optimizing and Security Techniques
141 SHAPRFs: SHapely Additive eXplanations based Random Forests algorithm for classification problems
145 WSports-50: An Image Dataset for Women’s Sport Action Classification
146 An approach on Stage Classification of Lung Cancer using Fuzzy Interference System
147 Parallel communicating one-way reversible finite automata system
150 Identification And Detection of Rice Plant Diseases By Using Neural Network
151 Quantum Resistant Hash-Based Digital Signature Schemes: A Review
155 Predicting suicidal behavior among Indian adults using childhood trauma, mental health questionnaires and machine learning cascade ensembles
156 Novel Insights into SAR Analysis of Human Head at 5G mmWave Frequencies
163 Ensemble Learning of Maize Leaves Infected by Fall Armyworms using CNN
168 Survey on Deep Learning Technique on Maize Leaves Infected by Fall Armyworms
175 PartSeg v2: Bioimage segmentation using advanced Deep Learning techniques
179 Loss Function Analysis for Building Extraction from Remote Sensing Images
180 Invo-ResNet: Rethinking the most used Backbone in Computer Vision
183 Honeypot Deception: A Clever Approach of Web Intrusion Detection and Prevention
185 Designing an Optimal Objective Function for Performance Optimization of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
186 A Service Discovery Approach for IoT Based Application
187 Maatran: Revolutionizing Maternal Care through Remote Monitoring and Risk Prediction
188 Modified Karatsuba Approximate Multiplier for error-resilient applications
189 Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms for Malware Classification - A Comparative Analysis
190 Enhancing the Cryptography Security of Message Communication by Modified Secure IDEA Algorithm
191 Design and Implementation of Parameterized Posit Adder and Arithmetic Logic Unit using Adder based Leading One Detector
193 Assessment of Cardiac Autonomic Modulation parameters in a Healthy Population
194 Rough Enhanced Fuzzy Segmentation Algorithm for Region Detection
195 Analyzing Students’ Emotion and Activities in the Classroom: A Rural Education Perspective
196 Vessel Curvature based Data Augmentation Technique for Retinal Fundus Images
198 MARS: Manual & Automatic Robotic Sanitization on Social Milieu
201 Accelerating Deep Neural Network-Based Image Analysis using Re-configurable Architecture
202 Detection and Classification of Diseases in Coffee Plant using CNN-XGBoost composite model
203 CervixNet: A reward-based weighted ensemble framework for cervical cancer classification
204 Enhancing Graph-Based Representation Learning with Adversarial Policy Gradient: A Hyperparameter Analysis
215 Autism Spectrum Disorder Detection through Facial Analysis and Deep Learning: Leveraging Domain-Specific Variations
216 Exploring label-specific feature weights for multi-label feature selection using FWMABAC-MFS
217 Exploring Deep Learning Architectures for Eye Tracking Analysis in Autism Spectrum Disorder Detection
218 Attackers have some prior beliefs: Understanding cognitive factors of confirmation bias on adversarial decisions
219 CoViT-Net: A Pre-trained Hybrid Vision Transformer for COVID-19 Detection in CT-scans
220 Acoustic Source Localization Model using Audio-Visual Learning
221 Age of Alcohol Initiation prediction using Alcohol Dependent Patients Data from De Addiction centre in South India
222 Ternary D Flip-Flop in CNFET-Memristor Technology
224 GAN based Image Dehazing On Raspberry PI
226 Privacy Preservation of Insurance Data Sharing Across Permissioned BCT
229 Heart sound classification using deep-learning neural networks
230 Testing of MEDA-based Biochip: A Proposed Technique for Functional Testing of Symmetric Set of Modules
231 Speech emotions detection and classification based on speech features using deep neural network
232 Multispectral imaging of Damaged Sacramental Journal pages: A preliminary study
242 SSANet: Side-by-side Additive Network for Knee Osteoarthritis Severity Detection from X-ray Images
243 Emotion Detection Using Pattern Recognition from Speech
245 An Efficient Clustering Algorithm on Next-Generation Sequence Data
246 A Hybrid Query Expansion Method for Effective Bengali Information Retrieval
247 Leveraging POS-tag features for Machine Translation of the Bengali-Nepali Language Pair: A Preliminary Study
249 SAYNet: Self-Attention YOLO Network for Human Detection in Thermal and Infrared Images
250 Cluster - GAT : Mixing Convolutional and Self Attended Feature Maps using Graph Attention Networks for Cervical Cell Classification
252 Emerging two-dimensional material and their applications: A review
254 Survey on Cyber-security for Health-care System
66 Detection of Diseases in Mango Leaves Based on Different Classification Algorithms and Their Comparisons Using Python
99 Hand Gesture Recognition using Deep Learning for Deaf and Dumb Community